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Fund Overview

The Fund is a UCIT governed by directive 2009/65/CE  that aims to deliver capital growth over a 3 – 5 year horizon with a balanced asset allocation in fixed income and equity investments. Equities may account for 0%to 75%of the assets. The strategies combine index-based management with active multi-manager management. The investment objective is to benefit from the upside in markets and focus on the preservation of the capital invested.

Entheca Sustainability employs effective diversification coupled with a careful risk management and a choice of straightforward, transparent investments.

Christophe BRULE about Entheca Pérénité

How to subscribe to the fund Entheca Pérennité ?

Disclaimer: Past performance is no indication of future earnings. Potential investors should contact their investment provider or adviser with a view to forming their own opinion on the risks inherent in mutual funds and their suitability as regards to their assets and their personal situation. They must therefore read and understand the simplified prospectus before subscribing to the Fund.


• ISIN : FR0010557678 (I Units)
• ISIN : FR0010550624 (H Units)
• ISIN : FR0010550632 (R Units)
• Currency : Euro
• Fund created : 11.30.2007
• Depositary : CM-CIC Securities
• Classification : Diversified
• Minimum recommended investment period : From 3 to 5 years
• Level of risk : 4 (on 7)

Asset classes

Rate : from 0 to 100%
High Yield Bonds : max 30%
Internationals stocks : from 0 to 75%


For investors seeking to diversify and boost their portfolios uniformly across the different asset classes and geographic regions.


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