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Fund Overview

The Fund is a a UCIT governed by directive 2009/65/CE . The Fund’s objective is to outperform the Eonia index +1%over an 18-month recommended investment horizon. The Fund’s investment drivers are fixed income investments in European Union companies mainly rated Investment Grade, with a maximum 50%in High Yield or Unrated securities. As opportunities arise and depending on the markets, it may be boosted by investments in equities, while maintaining the investment objective of consistent net asset value growth.


*Resilient: a resilient system is able to absorb a shock, reorganise itself and continue to function as it did before the shock.


Perf. YTD I Units


Perf. YTD R Units

Entheca Rendement Court Terme is an investment fund that offers investors optimised cash management with the aim of preserving and generating returns on the capital invested. It offers diversification of short-term investments within a limited risk environment.

Christophe Brulé about Entheca Rendement Court Terme

How to subscribe to the fund Entheca Régularité ?

Disclaimer: Past performance is no indication of future earnings. Potential investors should contact their investment provider or adviser with a view to forming their own opinion on the risks inherent in mutual funds and their suitability as regards to their assets and their personal situation. They must therefore read and understand the simplified prospectus before subscribing to the Fund.


• ISIN :  FR0010549428  (I Units)
• ISIN :  FR0010555920 (R Units)
• Currency : Euro
• Fund created : 12.14.2007
• Depositary : CM-CIC Securities
• Classification : Diversified
• Minimum recommended investment period : from 18 to 24 month
• Level of risk
 : 2 (on 7)

Asset classes

Rate : from 80%to 100%
High Yield Bonds : max 50%
Internationals stocks : from 0 to 20%


For investors seeking to optimise their available cash with limited risk exposure to the fixed income and equity markets.


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