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Fund Overview

The Fund is a European coordinated fund of funds that aims to outperform its benchmark, the MSCI Europe, reinvested dividends (in euro), over a 5 – 7 years recommended investment horizon. Entheca Top European Manager brings together talented conviction-based managers from independent asset management companies whose management style (growth, return or value) and stock picking (large, small and mid-caps) outperform the major indices over the full market cycle.


Perf. YTD

How to subscribe to the fund Entheca Top European Manager ?

Disclaimer: Past performance is no indication of future earnings. Potential investors should contact their investment provider or adviser with a view to forming their own opinion on the risks inherent in mutual funds and their suitability as regards to their assets and their personal situation. They must therefore read and understand the simplified prospectus before subscribing to the Fund.


• ISIN : FR0010999771 (I Units)
• ISIN : FR0011021112 (R Units)
• Currency : Euro
• Fund created : 04.10.2011
• Depositary : CM-CIC Securities
• Classification : European Shares
• Minimum recommended investment period : 5 years
• Level of risk : 6 (on 7)

Asset classes

Europeans bonds from 60%to 100%


Eligible for the Equity Savings Plan (PEA – Plan d’Epargne en Actions). It is intended for investors seeking to obtain exposure to the European equities performance of the best managers through a single investment.


Prospectus and KIIDNAV and performances