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Entheca Finance is composed of a team of 8 people

Entheca Finance has been presided since 2007 by Christophe Brulé who has  a recognized expertise in asset allocation and diversified management.  He was Head of diversified management at Paribas Asset Management for large investors, institutional and private customers. He was Founder and President of IXIS Private Capital Management (PCM IXIS), the multi-management center of the Natixis group, and then Member of the Board, Deputy General Manager at Banque Privée  1818, the wealth management bank Natixis Group.

Entheca Finance is composed of a team of 8 people.

Based on a comprehensive strategic analysis, Entheca Finance aims to search for performance in a risk controlled framework to deliver in the long term active management and belief based on proprietary methods.

A well structured organization helps provide management expertise in :

  • Asset Allocation
  • Multi-asset fund management
  • Equity and Bonds management

Our performances, rankings and ratings of our diversified funds, amid highly diverse market conditions, reflect the quality of the management performed.
Our goal is to continue on this path, building on the expertise of our team and our investment methods.