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Pareturn Entheca Patrimoine

A diversified global mutual fund with a low volatility to accompany the rising market and mitigate the decline.

Fund Overview

This sub-fund of the Luxembourg SICAV PARETURN is a diversified balanced fund using as engine performance bonds, convertible bonds and equities. The recommended investment horizon is 3 to 5 years. Pareturn Entheca Patrimoine constantly adapts to market constraints by allocating strategic and tactical assets. Portfolio construction combines investments in shares and mutual funds selected according to specific criteria from Entheca managers.


Perf. YTD (I Unit)


Perf. YTD (R Unit)

Pareturn Entheca Patrimoine meets the needs of High Networth Individual seeking growth of their savings through prudent management with low volatility.

Agnès brulé about Pareturn Entheca Patrimoine

How to subscribe to the fund Pareturn Entheca Patrimoine ?

Disclaimer: Past performance is no indication of future earnings. Potential investors should contact their investment provider or adviser with a view to forming their own opinion on the risks inherent in mutual funds and their suitability as regards to their assets and their personal situation. They must therefore read and understand the simplified prospectus before subscribing to the Fund.



• ISIN : LU0997983431 ( I unit)
• ISIN : LU0997983860 ( R unit)
• Currency : Euro
• Fund created : 6th december 2013
• Depositary : BPSS Luxembourg
• Classification : Diversified
• Minimum recommended investment period : 3 to 5 years
• Level of risk
 : 4 (on 7)

Asset classes

Bonds 0%to 100%
High Yield Bonds max 50%
International stocks 0 to 50%


For the investor who wants to diversify and boost its portfolio prudently between different asset classes and geographic regions.


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